South Africa’s very own online digital 3D model store

Tight deadlines? No time to build digital 3D models from scratch? We can help…

Delta BEC Studio was initiated by the Visualisation team of Delta Built Environment Consultants (Delta BEC), a multi-disciplinary infrastructure consulting company that provides services to private and state entities.

The Visualisation team works closely with Delta BEC’s architects, engineers, town planners and project managers. The team soon identified a problem area – too much time is spent on creating new digital 3D models or changing existing digital 3D models to adhere to South African design specifications and cultural preferences, instead of focusing on the actual design and visualisation process of a project.

Delta BEC Studio was then found to offer companies ready-made digital 3D models in various formats. We use state of the art software such as Revit and 3D Studio Max to ensure digital 3D models of the highest standard.

If the model that you are looking for is not available, please let us know and we will build it for you.